The Dutch Mix Hits Amsterdam
Dec.5.2006 The second edition of the RESFEST|10 Dutch Mix comes to Amsterdam this Friday, 8 December through Sunday, 10 December. This year RESFEST Amsterdam has expanded to four locations with three fully loaded days of film, music, digital arts and lifestyle. Classic RES programs, future classics, and serious live events scheduled this weekend include Seiji (Bugz in the Attic), mighty mash-up kings Eclectic Method, and loads of rising stars from the Netherlands, including C-mon & Kypsi, Rednose District and Eyesupply. The Dutch Mix's "Tits, Asses & Knees" programs offer more burgeoning world class talent, while the documentary feature Kroonjuwelen, about the history of the Amsterdam graffiti scene, has all the makings of a classic. It's worth noting also that this year's global RESFEST program includes no less than four top Dutch Directors--Johan Kramer, Postpanic, Studio Rosto A.D and Jan van Neunen--so be sure to come check out their work. Also, don’t miss the Adobe seminars and Tips and Tricks, Pioneer DVJ sessions, plus numerous feature film screenings, including The Vice Guide to Travel, Soy Cuba, Michael Franti's film I Know I'm Not Alone, Jihad the New Gangsta. Finally, RESFEST Amsterdam will be popping ten corks at a closing celebration at Paradiso, Sunday, 10 December, in honor of RESFEST's tenth anniversary.