As always, this popular program showcases the ability of talented filmmakers from around the world to elevate the past year’s most exciting electronic and hip-hop songs through the ingenuity they bring to short form video. A collection which sees the likes of Basement Jaxx, Hifana and Massive Attack rubbing shoulders kicks off with Robert Hales’ “Smiley Faces” for Gnarls Barkley, a charming ride that’s one part Zelig, one part Danger Mouse’s “Grey Video.” Elsewhere, +Cruz and Shane Lester hit hard with “What You Standin’ For,” for Japan’s DJ Uppercut, and a pair of exciting new talents make their names in thrilling fashion – Ireland’s David O’Reilly with “Szamar Madar” for the Venetian Snares and France’s Nadia Micault for Sir Alice’s “L’amour Made in Taiwan.” Australia’s Nicolas Randall closes out the party with “All He Needs,” a cheeky “cover” of Mike Mills’ seminal “All I Need” for Air that’s one part parody, one part homage.