RESFEST’s relentlessly eclectic rock-oriented music video program has never been a place to find traditional performance videos, though this year it does offer one radical retake on that style, in the form of Nima Nourizadeh’s winking, behind-the-scenes parody for Hot Chip’s song of the summer, “Over and Over.” Many of the program’s other videos use sophisticated animation to tell epic, fantastical stories with ambitious themes: Joel Trussell’s “War Photographer” for Jason Forrest, a hilarious animated tale of rival rock and roll Vikings, and Elliott Jokelson and Loyalkaspar’s chalk-and-watercolor video for Pinback’s “Fortress” are both war sagas; meanwhile, Chris Hopewell’s “Marble House” for the Knife, a stop-motion day in the life of a family of mice, and Monkmus’ “Travel Is Dangerous” for Mogwai, a gorgeous, layered story of environmental degradation, both delve deep into the animal world.